Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally a Horse

After years of living in NC and having a dream to get a horse for our little "farm", we finally got one. She is a sweet and easy filly named Bella. I really wanted Lindsay to have a horse so she could have something to be responsible for and to love. It is working out fine so far. She loves Bella and Bella has taken to her. Lindsay had riding lessons a few years ago from Mr. Bill Queen, who lives down the road a ways. She did enjoy it and I knew that one day we would want to get a horse for her. It is amazing how she is recalling all the things she learned about the care and keeping of a horse. I love to see her tending to Bella and how Bella responds to her.

We purchased Bella from a fellow up in North Cove. Bella lived way up on the side of a mountain and I know she was happy with her owners, but the space she lived in was quite steep and no real flat pasture for her. She was so excited about her new place when she got here that she ran and ran and laid down and rolled. I could see that she was so happy to have a place to roam that was flat. She even likes her calf-mates that she shares her area with. We are planning on getting a donkey to put down at the pasture by the pond so she can have company.

Kelly loves taking care of her too and Briggs, who was not that thrilled about the thoughts of getting a horse has taken to her like a man takes to his dog. I have given up my Atkins shakes in order to buy feed for her and that is ok because she is so sweet and such a lovely horse.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Forever-I Guess

The snow that fell at our home in NC, around Christmas is still hanging around. I can't believe all the snow I see as I drive down the roads, into town and around the countryside. It has been so cold that many yards still have a lot of snow left in the northern exposure or shady places. Some of the big piles of snow downtown are so large and packed down that I think they will be there until March. It has been so cold that our house has had a hard time staying warm, even with the wood stove. We have lived here for 31 years and have never had snow last this long. That is ok though. I like to see snow in the winter since it reminds me of my childhood in Michigan. That is one reason I wanted to move to NC from Florida many years ago. As long as you can stay reasonably warm and get around you are ok. So far I have not had that "little feeling" that I wanted Spring to come, but in a few weeks I am sure I will.