Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Forever-I Guess

The snow that fell at our home in NC, around Christmas is still hanging around. I can't believe all the snow I see as I drive down the roads, into town and around the countryside. It has been so cold that many yards still have a lot of snow left in the northern exposure or shady places. Some of the big piles of snow downtown are so large and packed down that I think they will be there until March. It has been so cold that our house has had a hard time staying warm, even with the wood stove. We have lived here for 31 years and have never had snow last this long. That is ok though. I like to see snow in the winter since it reminds me of my childhood in Michigan. That is one reason I wanted to move to NC from Florida many years ago. As long as you can stay reasonably warm and get around you are ok. So far I have not had that "little feeling" that I wanted Spring to come, but in a few weeks I am sure I will.

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