Monday, July 28, 2008

A Change of Color

Every now and then a person has to make a change in their surroundings. It seems that I do it more often than most. My family will tell you that, but usually my changes are not expensive and entail mostly elbow grease. Just before school was out, I had a very stong desire to do away with the pink I had in my livingroom and hallway since we moved in. It was a lovelyl color for the years we had it, but I suddenly had the urge to change and make our home more cheerful. I chose the color of yellow. A pale yellow. After two gallons of paint and several quarts of white trim paint, I was able to get the livingroom and hallway painted and feeling much more cheerful and clean. We have a wood stove insert, so there was a slight soot build up on the pink. It is suprising how happy a little change like that can make you feel and how satisfied and accomplished you think you are. Lots of the ususal decorations and furniture took on a different look with the yellow. I ended up using some left over aqua blue paint from the bathroom for some trim on a cabinet and book case. I also painted the inside of the front door aqua and the corner dish cupboard and book case white. I enjoy going into that room now and reading the scriptures in the morning. I am confessing to you that I do like to look around and admire my handiwork too. Of course, all things come from the Lord and I give him credit for helping me with the inspiration to make this change.

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