Friday, September 5, 2008

Bounty From the Garden

You would never know that we had a drought for the first part of the summer by the abundance of vegetables we have harvested from our garden. I think that we have had more tomatoes, corn and beans this year than any year that I can remember. The apples and peaches were bumper crops too.

Our garden owes its success to the man of the house, Poppy Briggs. He planed, plowed, planted and with patience, waited for the crops to grow. Having doubts at first, because of the lack of rain early on, he continued to weed and watch over the two gardens he was working with. Adam and Robbie were so kind to give him a gas water pump for his garden down by the pond and it saved the day down there. We are reaping a lot of goodness from that garden along with the garden by the house. No farmer could be more diligent in his efforts than Poppy to bring these crops in and prepared for our food storage pantry. I think that I am now looking forward to the day he says, "this is the last of the tomatoes and beans, Carol". I am so thankful, but there comes a time when you want to move on to other projects. We have been truly blessed and are grateful for the bounteous food that we have been able to grow this summer.

Maybe we can try a winter garden!

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