Friday, May 8, 2009

Two Projects

I have two projects that I started today. With our little remodel of putting an opening between the living room and kitchen, I have several projects that I am working on to go along with the redecorating. Number 1, I am painting an expensive book shelf white to match the kitchen cabinets and will put it next to the computer. Being a collector of too much stuff and sentimental besides, I acquire or keep things out of sentimentality. This being the case I needed more space to display some of Aunt Alice's dishes. (She passed away at almost 97 a few weeks ago) I have a before picture here and when I am finished I will post an after picture. The other project is two little oval bird prints I bought at a thrift shop the other day for $5. Being in love with cottage style, I thought they might look good in our kitchen that is painted a light seafoam color. The frames as you can see here are gold and plastic, but they had a lovely embossed design and I just knew they would paint up nicely and look good on the wall. Here is before picture and I will show the after in a day or so. I love to get ideas from other "cottage" blogs and use all my little "sentimentals" to give our home that "cottage" feel.

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