Friday, July 31, 2009

Fixing Up

Fixing up seems to be the word around our place for the past few months. I seems the projects are never done. And when we finish one we think up another. Our biggest project for the summer was opening up the kitchen and living room wall to make a "great room". We have a wood stove in the living room that only heat that room in the winter so we wanted to be able to take better advantage of the cozy wood heat and heat the kitchen too. It started as just a thought and then we began to think seriously about it. All of a sudden one day, Briggs said he was going to start tearing the wall down the next day. It scared me a little, but I went along with it and for the next month or so we worked on creating a larger space for our family to enjoy. It really makes a big difference in the spacial feeling of our home. I like it a lot. Now when we have family gatherings we can all be together. It should also make for cozier winter nights and days as the stove will now heat the two big rooms instead of only one.

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