Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mommy's Flowers

Being here in Florida visiting my mom is a time that is special to me. She is 86 now. She still likes the simple things that seem to cheer her up. I try to think of those things and help her to have them around our talk to her about them. One thing she likes a lot is roses. She has a Don Juan rose bush in her front yard and she loves to have someone bring one in and put it in a little vase for her to enjoy. She comments on it often. When I was a child in Michigan, my mom grew a lot of roses in our backyard. June is her birth month and roses are the flower for June. They remind me of her whenever I see them. She bought me a Don Juan rose too, and I have it growing at my front door in North Carolina. Joanne has one in her yard too. The other day I brought one in and she has really enjoyed it every day.
This picture is her rose and a hibiscus from the yard that I put by a picture of my mom and her mom, my Grandma Jennie, and my mom's father. Grandma Jennie's birthday is in June too, so how nice is that!


Amy said...

Stopping by from SITS. Roses remind me of my grandparents. Isn't it wonderful how people can pass on a love for the things that are so simple and beautiful, so we don't forget it and take it for granted? What beautiful thoughts you shared, and I love your blog! I think you are amazing to raise 12 children! I want 7 but probably wont be able to have that many as I got started a bit later in life, but here's hoping for twins or more! :)

parentingBYdummies said...

Mom of 12?! You are officially my new hero. You're right up there w/my grandma who had 8. And, her's are all boys so she gets extra points. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday:)